Methods to Amend a Golf Cart

Amend a Golf Cart

Golf cart possessors can do certain ordinary repairs. Amid the most general difficulties, we can name, failure to operate, battery breakdown in electric carts, and flat or worn-out tires. Have a word with your service manual. If you do not have a manual for your particular type or brand, you can get one through a dealer.

You Must Have These Items

  1. A service manual for your vehicle
  2. A wrench
  3. A hydrometer for testing batteries
  4. A socket, tire tool or a ratchet wrench
  5. A baking soda
  6. Some distilled water
  7. Goggles and acid-proof gloves
  8. A post cleaner
  9. A small floor jack for swapping tires
  10. A rubber patching kit, if you still own tube tires

Stage 1

If you possess an electric cart, habitually examine the batteries for any cracks in the container, for leaks or for any other damage. The stench of foul eggs is a signal of leakage and switching on the charging of a leaking battery could prove to be extremely dangerous.

Stage 2

  • Make sure, the surface of the batteries is kept clean with a mixture of baking soda and water.
  • Don’t let strange elements get accumulated in the battery.
  • Keep the place, surrounding the battery, tidy and dry.
  • Check and wipe all battery cables and posts.
  • Swap any tattered or cracked cables.
  • Reconnect the cables.
  • Cover terminals with a slim coat of petroleum jelly or battery terminal anti-corrosion gel.
  • Sample the batteries by using a hydrometer to ensure they are correctly charged.
  • If you decide to replace a battery, mount a new battery in the same place as the old one.
  • Keep the battery away from all cables.
  • The positive cable will always go in the positive terminal and the negative cable will always go in the negative terminal, when you are reconnecting them.
  • Layer the terminals with anti-corrosion gel or petroleum jelly.

Stage 3

If you are the owner of a gas cart, do routinely maintenance as you do with your automobile. Provide your cart some fine-tuning at the beginning of every season. If your cart flunks to get started or dies, examine the spark plugs and wires. The outlets that supply golf cart sell tune-up kits for numerous models of gas-powered carts. Obey the directions of your repair guide.

Stage 4

  • Uphold correct air pressure in the cart tires.
  • A number of modern carts have tubeless tires.
  • If you undergo a leaking or flat tube tire problem, utilize a rubber patching kit to mend the leak.
  • If you own a tubeless tire, substitute it with the similar model.
  • A certain number of golf cart tires, such as car ties are protected with lug nuts.
  • Utilize a miniature floor jack to uplift the cart.
  • Slacken the lug nuts before lifting the cart.
  • Make definite to hamper the tires to keep the cart from rolling.
  • Fissures found in plastic cart bodies can be mended with plastic repair adhesives, present at auto body supply stores.
  • Splits in fiberglass structures can be fixed with the help of fiberglass repair kits.

Safety Precautions

A good number of carts are almost similar, but they aren’t totally alike. Always pay keen attention to the instructions that come with each cart.

  • Always put on acid-proof goggles and gloves, when working with batteries and take off all jewelry.
  • Try to work in a decent ventilated place and do not attempt to smoke in the vicinity.
  • Do not utilize spray cleaners or solvents.

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