It became more and more difficult in our days to achieve and keep an united vision about ourselfs and about all the things around us. As a small children we were acting and watching the world around us with all the powers of our souls (mind, will and desire), in complete unity. Unfortunately now, as adults, from the great number of all the feelings of our hearts, just two of them are reflecting still this state: the love and the hate. Just in this two we are completly ourselfs: good or bad, white or black, hot or cold. Between white and black… just an infinite number of shades of grey… and contradictions!
The difference between „I love It” and „I like It” is much bigger than we can imagine…
It is the difference between Heaven and Hell. The first one it is a gift, the other one, the result of our „personal efforts”…
For the War Lords of the ancient times, the succesfull arrow’s shooting in battle, it was considered as a gift from God much more than the result of their personal archery skills. When it is about life or death, just their Creator can help us… just God, Who are mastering them completly, can let us to kill or to be killed, to live or to die.
Ofcourse, we need (like our warrior ancestors as well), to practice hard in order to achieve the correct technique… But our personal archery skills should be sustained with the unified vision of our mind and with the deepest feelings of our heart.
We can learn the correct technical forms from an enough good archery teacher, but the true knowledge about life and death consists in achieving the gift of love in our hearts and rejecting from there the hate.
We should practice archery with the secret and constant desire of changeing the atittude of our hearts from „I like It” to „I love It”. Since love it is a Divine gift, we need to ask for it with „all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind, and with all our strength”.

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  1. Almena
    May 11, 2016

    I might be betnaig a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

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