My Children


My Children,
You are my Arrows. ” Like Arrows in the hand of a warrior so are the children of your youth”. It’s 3am and I’m feeling very Thankful for my Family this morning. Lori You have been by my side for the last 40 years( I round off). You are Faithful, Wise and Beautiful. I would not have made it this far without you. I could say so many more good things about you(you’re a hard worker, honest and loving………) I would never have made it this far without you, Thank You.
Ralph, you are my First born. I am so Proud of you. You have been a Better Father then I was. you are a Hard working Man, Loving, funny, and caring. I Love you and miss you. Your family should be Proud of you. You Stand out among Fathers for being unselfish in life. You’ve cared for your family more than yourself.
Celeste, You are a Model woman for women around the World. God has given you a Testimony above most women. You are a Beautiful, Funny, intelligent, Caring Young woman and Strong because You’ve let God be you’re Strength. I rarely tell you but I love you and miss You.
Angel, You are a Strong, Strong Woman. You have a lot of your Mothers qualities(I know you’re learning much about yourself these days). I think you’re stronger then me but I just happen to be the dad). I Love you. I remember carrying you on my shoulders as we passed out tracts about Jesus. You’ve been helping me all your Life(my Arrow) you’ve helped me get my Hospice job. You were the Strong one when we came from Colorado(Broken and defeated). You kept going to church while we Stopped. You kept trying to get us back into church but we wouldn’t go. It took us longer. You remained Faithful to God and to your Family. I’m Proud of you. I Love you, Really I Do.
Carolee(my Tender Heart)
I want you to Love God like you do me and more. I know you have been through a lot in Life. The Enemy tried to steal you away from God But he can’t(he failed) because you’re Gods Woman. You have a testimony of Gods Faithfulness and Love. His ability to never give up on a person. You have all that in you. You hurt for the Lost and Lonely. God’s building in you and He’s giving/given You Great responsibilities. You are up to the Task. You have a lot of my qualities(and many of your Own). How I Love you my Curl and am so happy that you let God work in you and through you. You are a work in progress(all of us are but Wanted to remind you. I am proud of you. I love you.


It became more and more difficult in our days to achieve and keep an united vision about ourselfs and about all the things around us. As a small children we were acting and watching the world around us with all the powers of our souls (mind, will and desire), in complete unity. Unfortunately now, as adults, from the great number of all the feelings of our hearts, just two of them are reflecting still this state: the love and the hate. Just in this two we are completly ourselfs: good or bad, white or black, hot or cold. Between white and black… just an infinite number of shades of grey… and contradictions!
The difference between „I love It” and „I like It” is much bigger than we can imagine…
It is the difference between Heaven and Hell. The first one it is a gift, the other one, the result of our „personal efforts”…
For the War Lords of the ancient times, the succesfull arrow’s shooting in battle, it was considered as a gift from God much more than the result of their personal archery skills. When it is about life or death, just their Creator can help us… just God, Who are mastering them completly, can let us to kill or to be killed, to live or to die.
Ofcourse, we need (like our warrior ancestors as well), to practice hard in order to achieve the correct technique… But our personal archery skills should be sustained with the unified vision of our mind and with the deepest feelings of our heart.
We can learn the correct technical forms from an enough good archery teacher, but the true knowledge about life and death consists in achieving the gift of love in our hearts and rejecting from there the hate.
We should practice archery with the secret and constant desire of changeing the atittude of our hearts from „I like It” to „I love It”. Since love it is a Divine gift, we need to ask for it with „all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind, and with all our strength”.