Some More Info Regarding Batteries

Entirely all batteries, irrespective of their interaction, self-discharge. The amount of self-discharge hinges on in cooperation with the kind of battery besides the stowing temperature the batteries get open to. Nevertheless, for an upright guess, wet-flooded, deep-cycle batteries do self-discharge, roughly 4% each week on 80°F. Once charging lead-acid batteries, the heat must not surpass 120°F. At this time the battery ought to be removed from charge and permitted to cool off, in advance of restarting the charging procedure.

Lead Acid Batteries are Recyclable

  • Lead acid batteries can be 100% recycled.
  • Lead is the greatest reprocessed metal in the realm nowadays.
  • The plastic cases and coverings of timeworn batteries are defused, reground and consumed in the production of fresh battery holders.
  • The electrolyte could be treated for reprocessed surplus water usages. In certain circumstances, the electrolyte is cleansed and recycled and vended as battery quality electrolyte.
  • In extra cases, the sulfate matter is separated the same as Ammonia Sulfate, then expended in manures.
  • The dividers are frequently cast-off as fuel basis for the reusing course.
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Recycle Timeworn Batteries

Long-standing batteries might be given back to the battery store, locomotive facility station, a battery producer or additional certified assortment centers for salvaging.

Upgrading the Machine’s Battery to a Fresher Chemistry

NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion befall every single basically dissimilar technology, besides cannot be replaced for some other, lest the machine has been pre-designed via the industrial unit to receive further than single sort of rechargeable battery. The variance amid them curtails from the element that every technology needs a dissimilar charging outline to be correctly recharged. Consequently, the handy machine’s charger should be appropriately shaped to conduct a certain category of rechargeable battery.

Jerk Start the Battery by Booster Cables

The instructions of remaining cautious in the presence of batteries are intended to diminish the eruption danger. Hold flickers, blazes and cigs far from batteries on all occasions. Both batteries had better be of equal voltage, 6, 12, etc.

Secure Booster Cable Process

When jerk starting, constantly put on suitable eye shields and under no circumstances incline towards the battery. Do not jerk start an impaired battery; scrutinize equally both batteries earlier than joining booster cables. Be surefire outlet plugs are fitted and even. Be certain that the automobiles are not contacting and that both start controls are in the off spot. Switch off each and every single electrical apparatus, such as lights, radio, windshield wipers, defroster, and so on.

The resulting moves should be monitored precisely.

1. Join positive (+) booster cable to positive (+) terminus of the discharged battery.

2. Join extra edge of positive (+) cable to positive (+) terminus of the secondary battery.

3. Join negative (-) cable to negative (-) terminus of the secondary battery.

4. Create last joining of negative (-) cable to engine mass of the held up automobile, far from carburetor and battery.

5. Make definite that cables are free of fan sharp edges, straps and additional stirring fragments of the two engines.

6. Start off the vehicle and do away with cables in opposite arrangement of the links.

Would I Wed couples who are already pregnant or having children before Wedlock?


My answer is a big YES.

If they come forward to ask for mercy and they want to marry? I will not only forgive them, I will marry them and blessed them so others can also come forward or would you rather they go to hell or live in condemnation?

Thank God, thank God for Jesus Christ, who has loved us. The Bible said in Romans, that while we were yet SINNERS Christ died for us.

Jesus Christ saved the woman caught in adultery and said to her go and sin no more, if she was caught in adultery, it means the man is married right? It should have been the man to be stoned and not the woman.

Anyway, Jesus didnt say I love you but you are on you own because you have been openly shamed. That is what this most pastors do, and many many hypocrite christians.

They want to wash their hands off you when you are shamed openly.

There are people in churches who are more guilty than those having sex before marriage.

I do not advocate fornication, adultery or any sexual imoralities but MOST CHRISTIANS ARE GUILTY OF FORNICATION AND ADULTERY. And God is still mercy.

I no the Bible says none who are gulty of these charges will enter into heaven. But while they are still here on earth, let us retify and put things straight so many people can enter into heaven.

The devil is a wicked lawyer, but we thank God for Jesus who is our advocate before our heavenly father.

Please dont allow people to die in their sins because of your pride and sending out messages that will confuse people.

Regardless of what you might think, many christians will continue to have children outside wedlocks

The Bible tells us that love covers the multitudes of sins. If you cast them away, who then will help? Certainly not the world. Church is a gateway as spiritual hospital and being treated we become perfect.

Just because am not commiting adultery or fornication doesnt give me any right to judge and condemn others. Loving people but allowing them to carry on in condemnation of their sins is not love. Sorry I disagree.

FDA updates blood donor deferral policy

This paranoid and completely flawed bit of nonsense, in response to the overdue lifting of the ban on blood donations from gay people, is suddenly making the rounds tonight in the hemo world, and I want to address and end it now, before it grows.

I actually have hemophilia AND I survived the hemocaust. My experience is first hand, and though I didn’t contract HIV I did get hepatitis. I’ve buried too many dear friends to count, and having lived with tragedy and death from my earliest days still greatly affects me. Speaking from that perspective, I have to say that I find it deplorable to exploit what happened to us by using it as a soapbox from which to express homophobic and wholly unscientific fears.

Gay donations absolutely will not put us, or anyone else, at risk. They aren’t even what caused the hemocaust. There was virtually no blood screening in the 70s, and donations were solicited largely from extremely high risk drug addicts and prisoners. Their contaminated blood was all commingled with clean donations, infecting it all, and that tainted pool of blood was used to make factor. The hemocaust happened because of industrial negligence, ignorance, greed, and putting technology into practice before it was ready, not because gay people exist. As a survivor, I’d really appreciate it if people who weren’t even around then would get educated about its realities before using our plight to spread their bigotry and irrational fear.

TL:DR – My hemophilia is not an excuse for your homophobia.

“First let me go ahead and say if you know me you know where I stand on this “equality” issue. But that is another ball game. I know in my heart what is correct and what values I will pass to my child, in which I hope he will grasp and pass on to his children. However when our government lifts a 30 year ban on gay men being able to give blood, you will most definitely see my tail feathers get ruffled. Which is exactly what happened today. Why why why if you are a gay man (knowing you have a higher risk of HIV and other diseases) would you want to give blood? My child has hemophilia and his blood does not clot. Hello? I infuse a clotting factor in my child every other day. Thankfully his factor is man made at this time. But who knows if he will ever need plasma or a blood transfusion. FDA do you want to now ensure me that I will not infect my child with a disease that could have been prevented if you did not fear that it would “offend” someone by changing something that was set in place to protect the general population 30 years ago? Hello a HIV/hepatitis outbreak DID happen in the past and CAN happen in the future! I will speak out about this, I will advocate for my child. I will not set back and be silent about this. I am a moma bear and I’m on a mission. Share this status and please please be aware if you ever need whole blood products of any kind!”