Methods to Amend a Golf Cart

Amend a Golf Cart

Golf cart possessors can do certain ordinary repairs. Amid the most general difficulties, we can name, failure to operate, battery breakdown in electric carts, and flat or worn-out tires. Have a word with your service manual. If you do not have a manual for your particular type or brand, you can get one through a dealer.

You Must Have These Items

  1. A service manual for your vehicle
  2. A wrench
  3. A hydrometer for testing batteries
  4. A socket, tire tool or a ratchet wrench
  5. A baking soda
  6. Some distilled water
  7. Goggles and acid-proof gloves
  8. A post cleaner
  9. A small floor jack for swapping tires
  10. A rubber patching kit, if you still own tube tires

Stage 1

If you possess an electric cart, habitually examine the batteries for any cracks in the container, for leaks or for any other damage. The stench of foul eggs is a signal of leakage and switching on the charging of a leaking battery could prove to be extremely dangerous.

Stage 2

  • Make sure, the surface of the batteries is kept clean with a mixture of baking soda and water.
  • Don’t let strange elements get accumulated in the battery.
  • Keep the place, surrounding the battery, tidy and dry.
  • Check and wipe all battery cables and posts.
  • Swap any tattered or cracked cables.
  • Reconnect the cables.
  • Cover terminals with a slim coat of petroleum jelly or battery terminal anti-corrosion gel.
  • Sample the batteries by using a hydrometer to ensure they are correctly charged.
  • If you decide to replace a battery, mount a new battery in the same place as the old one.
  • Keep the battery away from all cables.
  • The positive cable will always go in the positive terminal and the negative cable will always go in the negative terminal, when you are reconnecting them.
  • Layer the terminals with anti-corrosion gel or petroleum jelly.

Stage 3

If you are the owner of a gas cart, do routinely maintenance as you do with your automobile. Provide your cart some fine-tuning at the beginning of every season. If your cart flunks to get started or dies, examine the spark plugs and wires. The outlets that supply golf cart sell tune-up kits for numerous models of gas-powered carts. Obey the directions of your repair guide.

Stage 4

  • Uphold correct air pressure in the cart tires.
  • A number of modern carts have tubeless tires.
  • If you undergo a leaking or flat tube tire problem, utilize a rubber patching kit to mend the leak.
  • If you own a tubeless tire, substitute it with the similar model.
  • A certain number of golf cart tires, such as car ties are protected with lug nuts.
  • Utilize a miniature floor jack to uplift the cart.
  • Slacken the lug nuts before lifting the cart.
  • Make definite to hamper the tires to keep the cart from rolling.
  • Fissures found in plastic cart bodies can be mended with plastic repair adhesives, present at auto body supply stores.
  • Splits in fiberglass structures can be fixed with the help of fiberglass repair kits.

Safety Precautions

A good number of carts are almost similar, but they aren’t totally alike. Always pay keen attention to the instructions that come with each cart.

  • Always put on acid-proof goggles and gloves, when working with batteries and take off all jewelry.
  • Try to work in a decent ventilated place and do not attempt to smoke in the vicinity.
  • Do not utilize spray cleaners or solvents.

Fine-Tuning of a Drill Press

fine tune the position

When you purchase a new drill press, a secondhand one or you are left with one from granddad, you must occasionally inspect its accuracy. If you’re left with a conventional, sharp tad, your press should sprint progressively, as well as it should drill new gaps.  On the other hand there are mainly three matters that can stop highest functioning in your press: shaking, play plus vibrate or run-out.

Removing the Pulsation

Shaking generally begins at a press’s energy method.  

If you feel tremor, expose the top protector, switch on the machine also observe if the pulleys run efficiently plus get rid of noise by the whining of the belt.  

If that doesn’t work smoothly, kill the power, remove the belt, plus observe its condition.  

Change the belt if it has bumps or cuts and is weak.

Then,  manually hand  turn  the  pulleys  to  see  if they  have  any  flaws  or else  are out of set.  

Next, attempt retightening the pulley’s setscrew prior to replacing one that wobbles.

If you find any kind of rumbles or growls when the pulleys are spinning, dirty or worn, you should change the bearings and indeed this will solve the problem.

Eliminating the Quill Side and Spindle End Play

The Quill Side Play

A press can construct side play amid the peak molding as well as the quill.  

If you want to inspect for this, decrease the quill, then wobble it, not the chuck though, as of side to side to observe exactly how ample slack present is.

There would be a screw locknut that will let you tight the splits collectively to take some of the play out, if the top molding is divided at the face.

A remedy for side play is unlikely if your press has a hard top.

The Spindle End Play

For the inspection of spindle end  play,  lock up  the  quill,  as well as  try to  transfer  the chuck  up  and  down.  

If you come across  end  play, the loose is possibly amid the  quill,  plus  the  collar  over  the  higher quill bearing.  

Loose the collar’s setscrew, plus slide the collar back to its first location to fix this problem.

A plate will be on the face of the head to retrieve the collar, if you’re lucky enough.

If you are not lucky enough the feed lever as well as the pinion will have to be detached alongside with releasing tension off the quill’s arrival spring.

Let a professional do all the work if your machine’s instruction manual does not shield how to disband the spring gathering, so this procedure is somewhat tricky and dangerous.

More options:

Some More Info Regarding Batteries

Entirely all batteries, irrespective of their interaction, self-discharge. The amount of self-discharge hinges on in cooperation with the kind of battery besides the stowing temperature the batteries get open to. Nevertheless, for an upright guess, wet-flooded, deep-cycle batteries do self-discharge, roughly 4% each week on 80°F. Once charging lead-acid batteries, the heat must not surpass 120°F. At this time the battery ought to be removed from charge and permitted to cool off, in advance of restarting the charging procedure.

Lead Acid Batteries are Recyclable

  • Lead acid batteries can be 100% recycled.
  • Lead is the greatest reprocessed metal in the realm nowadays.
  • The plastic cases and coverings of timeworn batteries are defused, reground and consumed in the production of fresh battery holders.
  • The electrolyte could be treated for reprocessed surplus water usages. In certain circumstances, the electrolyte is cleansed and recycled and vended as battery quality electrolyte.
  • In extra cases, the sulfate matter is separated the same as Ammonia Sulfate, then expended in manures.
  • The dividers are frequently cast-off as fuel basis for the reusing course.
  • Check trolling motor reviews

Recycle Timeworn Batteries

Long-standing batteries might be given back to the battery store, locomotive facility station, a battery producer or additional certified assortment centers for salvaging.

Upgrading the Machine’s Battery to a Fresher Chemistry

NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion befall every single basically dissimilar technology, besides cannot be replaced for some other, lest the machine has been pre-designed via the industrial unit to receive further than single sort of rechargeable battery. The variance amid them curtails from the element that every technology needs a dissimilar charging outline to be correctly recharged. Consequently, the handy machine’s charger should be appropriately shaped to conduct a certain category of rechargeable battery.

Jerk Start the Battery by Booster Cables

The instructions of remaining cautious in the presence of batteries are intended to diminish the eruption danger. Hold flickers, blazes and cigs far from batteries on all occasions. Both batteries had better be of equal voltage, 6, 12, etc.

Secure Booster Cable Process

When jerk starting, constantly put on suitable eye shields and under no circumstances incline towards the battery. Do not jerk start an impaired battery; scrutinize equally both batteries earlier than joining booster cables. Be surefire outlet plugs are fitted and even. Be certain that the automobiles are not contacting and that both start controls are in the off spot. Switch off each and every single electrical apparatus, such as lights, radio, windshield wipers, defroster, and so on.

The resulting moves should be monitored precisely.

1. Join positive (+) booster cable to positive (+) terminus of the discharged battery.

2. Join extra edge of positive (+) cable to positive (+) terminus of the secondary battery.

3. Join negative (-) cable to negative (-) terminus of the secondary battery.

4. Create last joining of negative (-) cable to engine mass of the held up automobile, far from carburetor and battery.

5. Make definite that cables are free of fan sharp edges, straps and additional stirring fragments of the two engines.

6. Start off the vehicle and do away with cables in opposite arrangement of the links.

My Children


My Children,
You are my Arrows. ” Like Arrows in the hand of a warrior so are the children of your youth”. It’s 3am and I’m feeling very Thankful for my Family this morning. Lori You have been by my side for the last 40 years( I round off). You are Faithful, Wise and Beautiful. I would not have made it this far without you. I could say so many more good things about you(you’re a hard worker, honest and loving………) I would never have made it this far without you, Thank You.
Ralph, you are my First born. I am so Proud of you. You have been a Better Father then I was. you are a Hard working Man, Loving, funny, and caring. I Love you and miss you. Your family should be Proud of you. You Stand out among Fathers for being unselfish in life. You’ve cared for your family more than yourself.
Celeste, You are a Model woman for women around the World. God has given you a Testimony above most women. You are a Beautiful, Funny, intelligent, Caring Young woman and Strong because You’ve let God be you’re Strength. I rarely tell you but I love you and miss You.
Angel, You are a Strong, Strong Woman. You have a lot of your Mothers qualities(I know you’re learning much about yourself these days). I think you’re stronger then me but I just happen to be the dad). I Love you. I remember carrying you on my shoulders as we passed out tracts about Jesus. You’ve been helping me all your Life(my Arrow) you’ve helped me get my Hospice job. You were the Strong one when we came from Colorado(Broken and defeated). You kept going to church while we Stopped. You kept trying to get us back into church but we wouldn’t go. It took us longer. You remained Faithful to God and to your Family. I’m Proud of you. I Love you, Really I Do.
Carolee(my Tender Heart)
I want you to Love God like you do me and more. I know you have been through a lot in Life. The Enemy tried to steal you away from God But he can’t(he failed) because you’re Gods Woman. You have a testimony of Gods Faithfulness and Love. His ability to never give up on a person. You have all that in you. You hurt for the Lost and Lonely. God’s building in you and He’s giving/given You Great responsibilities. You are up to the Task. You have a lot of my qualities(and many of your Own). How I Love you my Curl and am so happy that you let God work in you and through you. You are a work in progress(all of us are but Wanted to remind you. I am proud of you. I love you.

Would I Wed couples who are already pregnant or having children before Wedlock?


My answer is a big YES.

If they come forward to ask for mercy and they want to marry? I will not only forgive them, I will marry them and blessed them so others can also come forward or would you rather they go to hell or live in condemnation?

Thank God, thank God for Jesus Christ, who has loved us. The Bible said in Romans, that while we were yet SINNERS Christ died for us.

Jesus Christ saved the woman caught in adultery and said to her go and sin no more, if she was caught in adultery, it means the man is married right? It should have been the man to be stoned and not the woman.

Anyway, Jesus didnt say I love you but you are on you own because you have been openly shamed. That is what this most pastors do, and many many hypocrite christians.

They want to wash their hands off you when you are shamed openly.

There are people in churches who are more guilty than those having sex before marriage.

I do not advocate fornication, adultery or any sexual imoralities but MOST CHRISTIANS ARE GUILTY OF FORNICATION AND ADULTERY. And God is still mercy.

I no the Bible says none who are gulty of these charges will enter into heaven. But while they are still here on earth, let us retify and put things straight so many people can enter into heaven.

The devil is a wicked lawyer, but we thank God for Jesus who is our advocate before our heavenly father.

Please dont allow people to die in their sins because of your pride and sending out messages that will confuse people.

Regardless of what you might think, many christians will continue to have children outside wedlocks

The Bible tells us that love covers the multitudes of sins. If you cast them away, who then will help? Certainly not the world. Church is a gateway as spiritual hospital and being treated we become perfect.

Just because am not commiting adultery or fornication doesnt give me any right to judge and condemn others. Loving people but allowing them to carry on in condemnation of their sins is not love. Sorry I disagree.