Placing and Expending a Counter Top Drill/Mill for Gun Usages

If you happen to be interested in a little bit of milling work to your own guns or weapons, you need not have loads of money to invest in a large workshop and an expensive drill press with costly appliances. For cutting front and rear sight dovetails, milling the rear of a slide or cutting out its front cocking grooves, you don’t require a heavy-duty floor stand milling machine. All you need to buy is a 12 Speed Drill/Mill machine and you are good to go. I didn’t have much with me so I purchased 42976-3VGA, which unluckily isn’t available any longer but don’t worry, this same drill comes in other similar models.


Description of 42976-3VGA

This Drill/Mill is a combination of drill press and vertical milling machine with a swivel head that is heavy duty enough. The head also lifts and drops on a row to alter for diverse dimensions of work hoard. Keep in mind that many multi- function mechanisms such as this execute each task more or less, but not reasonably as fine as a devoted apparatus.


  1. Before bringing in your drill press, you should have a workbench to mount your machine on it.
  2. You can go for a 4-drawer workbench with pegboard back. 
  3. Ensure that the bench top is made of fiberboard. 
  4. Fiberboard has a tendency to soften when it gets damp, and milling requires using cutting oil, so laminate the top and edges.
  5. Carbide-tipped laminate trimmings will really make the job easy and professional.

Unpacking and Mounting

  1. This drill press arrives in a wooden box and takes about 30 minutes to unpack.
  2. The machine is liberally coated with Rust Preventing Oil, i.e. RPO, so it has to be cleaned first. You will need some good machinery cleaner and paper towels to clean it.
  3. Now, comes the lifting part where you’ll require the services of at least 2-3 people to carry it towards your workbench, as it is quite heavy.
  4. The machine comes with a tray for holding chips and oil.  It has 4 holes for the fitting screws, so I used it as a model to drill holes in the workbench top. 
  5. To inhibit the tray from budging while placing the machine, drill 2 holes on both sides of the tray for an 8 wood bolt.

Instructions for Operating

  1. There are dissimilar kinds of tapers and this machine has a Morris 2 (M2) taper.  The 3-jaw chuck and taper must be mounted by swiftly putting the assembly in position in the spindle.  It must not be connected with the draw bar. 
  2. The chuck is intended for drilling, not milling, and the sliding compression of the drilling act clamps the taper in point. 
  3. To take out the taper, bring down the spindle till the drill drift notch is evident, inset the drill drift and knock it with a hammer. 
  4. The chuck and taper compilation should fall in your hand after merely a reasonable blow on the drill drift.
  5. Milling bits should be connected to the spindle using a collet. A collet is a split cone with a hole in the mid to take a milling bit. 
  6. The angle of the cone equals the taper in the spindle. 
  7. The back of the collet is looped to take the draw bar. 
  8. The collet is fastened on the draw bar, the shank of the bit is implanted into the end of the collet, and the whole compilation is enclosed into the spindle. 
  9. A nut and washer is at that time fixed to the topmost of the draw bar.  Once this nut is moderately tightened up it pulls the collet higher into the taper, which clasps the fingers of the collet to grip the bit firmly in position. 
  10. The draw bar ought to be well-fitting, not close-fitting, so as slackening the nut and hitting the top with a mallet can effortlessly detach it.


Regardless of whatever the so called specialists utter, you can execute guns work through a bench-top milling machine.  The appliance must be hefty and steady enough to achieve the accurate work essential for weapons.  Likewise, you require having the suitable gauging gears to guarantee your work is accurately aligned, and when compulsory, transfers an exact expanse.  There’s not anything like the fulfillment of undertaking a work yourself, and performing it soundly.


It became more and more difficult in our days to achieve and keep an united vision about ourselfs and about all the things around us. As a small children we were acting and watching the world around us with all the powers of our souls (mind, will and desire), in complete unity. Unfortunately now, as adults, from the great number of all the feelings of our hearts, just two of them are reflecting still this state: the love and the hate. Just in this two we are completly ourselfs: good or bad, white or black, hot or cold. Between white and black… just an infinite number of shades of grey… and contradictions!
The difference between „I love It” and „I like It” is much bigger than we can imagine…
It is the difference between Heaven and Hell. The first one it is a gift, the other one, the result of our „personal efforts”…
For the War Lords of the ancient times, the succesfull arrow’s shooting in battle, it was considered as a gift from God much more than the result of their personal archery skills. When it is about life or death, just their Creator can help us… just God, Who are mastering them completly, can let us to kill or to be killed, to live or to die.
Ofcourse, we need (like our warrior ancestors as well), to practice hard in order to achieve the correct technique… But our personal archery skills should be sustained with the unified vision of our mind and with the deepest feelings of our heart.
We can learn the correct technical forms from an enough good archery teacher, but the true knowledge about life and death consists in achieving the gift of love in our hearts and rejecting from there the hate.
We should practice archery with the secret and constant desire of changeing the atittude of our hearts from „I like It” to „I love It”. Since love it is a Divine gift, we need to ask for it with „all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind, and with all our strength”.

FDA updates blood donor deferral policy

This paranoid and completely flawed bit of nonsense, in response to the overdue lifting of the ban on blood donations from gay people, is suddenly making the rounds tonight in the hemo world, and I want to address and end it now, before it grows.

I actually have hemophilia AND I survived the hemocaust. My experience is first hand, and though I didn’t contract HIV I did get hepatitis. I’ve buried too many dear friends to count, and having lived with tragedy and death from my earliest days still greatly affects me. Speaking from that perspective, I have to say that I find it deplorable to exploit what happened to us by using it as a soapbox from which to express homophobic and wholly unscientific fears.

Gay donations absolutely will not put us, or anyone else, at risk. They aren’t even what caused the hemocaust. There was virtually no blood screening in the 70s, and donations were solicited largely from extremely high risk drug addicts and prisoners. Their contaminated blood was all commingled with clean donations, infecting it all, and that tainted pool of blood was used to make factor. The hemocaust happened because of industrial negligence, ignorance, greed, and putting technology into practice before it was ready, not because gay people exist. As a survivor, I’d really appreciate it if people who weren’t even around then would get educated about its realities before using our plight to spread their bigotry and irrational fear.

TL:DR – My hemophilia is not an excuse for your homophobia.

“First let me go ahead and say if you know me you know where I stand on this “equality” issue. But that is another ball game. I know in my heart what is correct and what values I will pass to my child, in which I hope he will grasp and pass on to his children. However when our government lifts a 30 year ban on gay men being able to give blood, you will most definitely see my tail feathers get ruffled. Which is exactly what happened today. Why why why if you are a gay man (knowing you have a higher risk of HIV and other diseases) would you want to give blood? My child has hemophilia and his blood does not clot. Hello? I infuse a clotting factor in my child every other day. Thankfully his factor is man made at this time. But who knows if he will ever need plasma or a blood transfusion. FDA do you want to now ensure me that I will not infect my child with a disease that could have been prevented if you did not fear that it would “offend” someone by changing something that was set in place to protect the general population 30 years ago? Hello a HIV/hepatitis outbreak DID happen in the past and CAN happen in the future! I will speak out about this, I will advocate for my child. I will not set back and be silent about this. I am a moma bear and I’m on a mission. Share this status and please please be aware if you ever need whole blood products of any kind!”



The international apex body for strength sports, World Strongmen Federation (WSF), has officially recognised Indian participation into the WSF World Cup 2016. The executive committee of WSF has elected a new president Mr. Pradeep Baba Madhok, former president of the Indian Bodybuilding Federation (IBBF) for the past 5 years.

WSF General Manager Mr. Vladislav Redkin, General Secretary of WSF, arrived in India to officially welcome Mr. Madhok and Mr. Kaizzad Capadia who will be on the Executive Board of WSF.


Strongest Indian which is modelled on the lines of the international Strongman show, will be India’s first and only reality strength-based show inviting entries across 25 Indian cities. The regional winners will then participate in the grand finale to be held at the Baga Beach in Goa 0n 11th October, 2015. The show will be telecast on the NDTV channel as well as a leading Hindi entertainment channel.

Strongest Indian will also have a PRO Division which will see some of the world’s biggest Strongmen from 10 countries attend and participate in the event which will be a spectacle of sorts involving such unconventional lifts as the Farmer’s Walk, Truck Pulling, Boulder Lifting amongst many others.

“Today we’re opening a new page in the history of Strongman sports,” says Vladislav Redkin. “India has stepped up to the Strongman podium and commenced a new era for all aspiring strength athletes. We’re branching out in three new directions: One of them will be Ethnosport which focuses on developing traditional kinds of Indian strength games. Second, we will be adding three new weight categories for athletes to expand the number of participants. The third will be a Strongman Battle with a new team format. Baba is a famous name in bodybuilding and now he’s the president of WSF. We’re happy that we signed the contract and received new possibilities in this Strongman sport development.”

Mr. Madhok: Since ancient times, there have been several competitions across the globe, be it in Rome during the times of coliseum or be it in Mahabharata. The nature of humans has always been to be stronger with one another, to look robust and to leave an impact on the public in general. The World Strongmen Federation is one such platform which gives a chance to people across all strength sports and even to a normal healthy human being to show off and prove their strength supremacy on to the world. We have a complete transparency in judgment and an ongoing excitement in each level of this sporting event. For example, a competitor pulling a truck can be judged by bare eyes as a winner over other competitors who pulls the truck either slower than the latter or does not pull at all. So this is a game of pure strength devoid of drugs (anabolic) but pure sporting event.

Kaizzad: The K11 Fitness Academy has been the torch bearer of strength training sciences in the country. We have been teaching, preaching, practicing the fact that along with endurance and flexibility, it is extremely important for any man and woman to equally emphasize physical strength to be truly fit. Strength training is the form of exercise that is the most closely related to anti-aging. For education to really penetrate, I recognise the importance of an exciting event. Towards this goal, I decided to have India’s first WSF approved strength event – Strongest Indian.

Whether you’re interested in fitness or strength, no one can ignore the unbelievable feats of strength that will be showcased at the Strongest Indian. Cars will be lifted, trucks will be pulled, huge boulders will be lifted; I expect the whole country to be riveted by these super humans of India. It’s time they got their share of the glory.

Samit: Neulife has always been at the heart of the fitness industry, having pioneered the category of sports nutrition since 1999. Strongest Indian is the perfect culmination of years of effort and contribution towards the sport of strength, which is finally getting its due recognition within the fitness industry.

Rizwan: My first ambition was to be as physically strong as I could be. But the entrepreneur in me could not be ignored and thus, today, my goal is to provide facilities across the country that cater to the strength and fitness of the nation. Through YFC – Your Fitness Club , I wish to make a strong India. The Strongest Indian is a godsend opportunity for me to further my goal. Hence, my brand YFC clubs across India will be the facilities where the athletes will train to earn glory at the Strongest Indian. They will also be the venues for the elimination rounds before the finals.

Harmeet: Athletes depend on highly stable and reliable equipment to avoid injuries. Cybex takes great pride in providing such equipment; after all, our company has been very passionate about making people aware of their safety while training. To ensure consistency and reliability, we will be sponsoring the same equipment during the athletes’ training and for the Strongest Indian competition as well.


Recently, Steel Strength Productions LLP and Media World Ventures Limited announced a launch of Strongest Indian — India’s initial radio strength existence show. The leader of a uncover will paint India during a World Strongman Federation — World Cup 2015 competition. The leader will be awarded money cost of ‘5,00,000. The foe is open to all aptness enthusiasts.

(Left to right) Rizwan Sayed, Purabee Jhaveri, Kaizzad Capadia and Samit Gupta

(Left to right) Rizwan Sayed, Purabee Jhaveri, Kaizzad Capadia and Samit Gupta

The format of a uncover is conceptualised by Kaizzad Capadia, co-founder and executive of K11 Fitness Academy, and luminary aptness expert. Also, Capadia will privately sight a leader for a general foe along with mentors who are ex-Strongman winners.

Capadia reveals, “We are vehement to trigger this competition. A championship of this status will vaunt India’s best strength professionals.” Auditions in 16 cities will be hold during YFC Gyms, from Aug 2015, while Calangute beach, Goa, will horde a grand culmination in Sep 2015.


Strongest Indian is a corner IP between Steel Strength Productions LLP and Media World Ventures Limited. Steel Strength Productions LLP is a association shaped by K11 Fitness Private Limited — India’s heading aptness academy, Neulife — India’s no 1 Sports Nutrition Company and YFC — fastest flourishing sequence of gyms in India. Media World Ventures Limited, an integrated media and party association carrying all services in-house, is a central selling and prolongation partner for a show. The uncover is also partnered by Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.

Neulife will be compelling a uncover opposite their sell outlets and online stores along with a amicable media debate to rivet audience.

Neulife will also offer interrelated sports nourishment for a winners for a year while participants get special offer on a squeeze of Neulife products.

Samit Gupta, CEO and Managing Director, Neulife Nutrition Systems is happy with a development, “We are awaiting during slightest 5,000 participants, and wish to double a series a subsequent year. We wish to mangle a Guinness Book World Records in a strength segment.”

Rizwan Sayed, founder-director of YFC Gyms, said, “We are vehement to entice a leader of a World Strongman Federation for a show. He will control workshops and seminars for contestants and will also motivate them. Fitness recognition is gaining momentum; we notice that in my gyms group and women have turn some-more aptness conscious. The YFC group will hoop auditions opposite India.”

Speaking about selling and promotional initiatives, Purabee Jhaveri, co-founder and handling director, Media World Ventures Limited adds, “We have designed for an innovative integrated media and selling graduation opposite India; with a vast concentration on digital selling and on-ground activations to stretch audiences.” The uncover will be telecasted on NDTV Good Times and a heading Hindi news channel. Episodes of a culmination with untouched footage will be seen on their YouTube platform.



PROFORM Uzbekistan WSF World Cup was held on 3 of May in Tashkent. PROFORM World Cup is the traditional strongman competition in Uzbekistan & world. Results:
1. Mateusz Kieliszkowski (Poland)
2. Sergey Trubitsin (Uzbekistan)
3. Dimitar Savatinov (Bulgaria)
4-5. Oleksandr Lashyn (Ukraine)
4-5. Evgenii Markov (Russia)
6. Hamza Primov (Uzbekistan)
7. Ari Gunnarsson (Iceland)
8. Tarmo Mitt (Estonia)
9. Rolands Gulbis (Latvia)
10. Sergey Vachynski (Belarus)
11. Alexey Pisarevsky (Kazakhstan)
12. Shurat Alihonov (Uzbekistan)
13. Sergiu Mirzenco (Moldova)
14. Antanas Abrutis (Lithuania)

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